A New Walking Age


In the gnostic
attraction of arcana is
the communication of a prize
which all conceive as the end to
stories. Now the city of
the sun must be abandoned to
apparitions of green, of a fossil
carved by architects of the East-West.


The eyes of the empty earth
repudiate the hunger of sculpture
to power mountains, Tara said. This
hierarchical class
begins with the deformed sun. As
Jesus passed, she noted encounters of
the dawn and narcissus. We
considered Beuys, whose three pots
were broken in scorn,
indispensible. A vault, a statue, a lamp,
underlaid nature with teaching and metaphorical
relief. Iblis departed the surface, victorious. I
guide down the rain.


The wise based divinations
in the organic: the realm of lights is
built of canons, rants, potlatches,
manifesting the alchemical
exchange of commodities, undetermined
and objective. No concept
ruled the dead people at play, only
that phantom language. Some describe
gloomy rites of spirit-congress, which
formed one painstakingly human child: the
identity she had
besought the Christian priests not
to honour. The inhabitants copy the living
through industrial production.


The Dog-Star is the expression
of the only authentic
cabala. She favours the innumerable
symbols of some later
rendering, but the protector
valued the fired head of a serpent. A naked
world forces personal meaning from the victim’s
throat. Nothing that powerful
hovers in one level: the roadblocks held
until all tread a battlefield of smooth glass.


With every defeat, I exclaimed
against those astral visits: a critique of
magic, of girls hiding gazes. The hundred
mountain-top jails might be death
to their style.
In winter the people agree to cargo-cult:
the origins escape history.
Many signals from the underworld
form the name of my
process, our collective. As the secure area
fills with the amorous, will the gallant
fear me? In fact he should have peace,
incidentally liberating
a country beyond the heavens.


Crowds followed the English queen. In
that Judeo-Christian current,
the designers presented
their legend
as vast prints on card: scrawl
prophesying the abolition of sibyls.


A triumph of the corpse,
his conception of the perfect style,
would bother the management. The waste of
visions is unbearable. Reason
exalted the most detestable hell-beings.
Only by retreating
from the sangha can the bearer’s
magic form a disguise. Her stronghold
is reminiscent of
language-based media (natural but closed).


A passer-by adopted their rituals.
My own competing heresy
was to influence
nothing. The hazel rod,
the dragon of the sepulchre,
had to be true to what
concrete principle? A humanism
that all such moralists eventually
tried on. I attended spiritual kings,
their skin not healing:
some managed without dominators.


The medium shows these paths into slumber,
these ascents, distributing
his angel’s system, no Septuagint. The elders
eat the future, brandishing their shadows. Criminals
performed simultaneous streaming: a
world of mystic sentiment, and
the torture-palace that haunted thought. Domestication
through love: even
the artless poetry they esteem
could cost. We envisioned spectral
liberty, but know that representation
imprisoned the prestige-gift, a festivity
lost by the time of
dialogue with the blazing arm.


Wilderness: every thought carries longing.
Spaces manifest the Meccan, his wandering and arrival.
My earliest transformation
seemed to force the step back, so
cyclical is labour. The same compromise
presented non-human bliss
as attainable, maintained by items: objects
that stirred
exceptional sentiment are the
abyss come for you. It’s dark beyond
the consumers of possibilities. Most reason
against such expression:
only the variants, condemned
but not minor, must also include these stars.
The specific content is arrogancie: it replaced
milk with quicksilver.


Versions of this text have been published in Journal of Field Study International: Field Report 2013 & First Offense No. 20.