I: “Now leave form”

II: “The memory is of an installation”

III: “This blur of angels”

IV: “the alcohol”

V: La Montagne

VI: To Madimi

VII: Zigzaggedness

VIII: “He put me in mind”

IX: “The memory of a bewildering romance”

X: “At forty-eight”


These texts were first collected in the following books—
I: The Fabulist, Leaves/Scales 1991;
II: The Stumbling Dance, ed. Rupert M. Loydell, Stride 1994;
III & IV: The Memory of the Drift, Invisible Books 2001;
V–VII: The Memory of the Drift, Books I–IV, Shearsman 2007;
VIII–X: Tara Morgana, Scarlet Imprint 2014.


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