More of the new book is now online at The Fortnightly Review.



A further section of my next book for Scarlet Imprint can be read in SNOW 9.


Clark Allison's review of The Memory of the Drift can be read online at Stride Magazine.



A third edition of The Memory of the Drift is now ready to order from Shearsman. This brings together writing made for the project and its immediate precursor, Airborne or Still, between 1991 and 2017: although it does not include the texts printed in Tara Morgana, which remains available from Scarlet Imprint, it represents a considerable expansion of the 2007 version, adding some 50 pages of previously uncollected material. In other circumstances, I would be posting about a launch event, but will give a sign once something more abstract has been organised.



Graphic by Richard Marshall

I will be reading with Bridget Penney, Stewart Home, Chloe Aridjis, Johnny Pulp, Simon Pomery, Martin Wakefield & Matt Martin at the Kenton Arms, 38 Kenton Road, London E9 7AB, on the evening of Saturday the 25th January 2020. Full details can be found here.



Photograph by Verity Spott.

Reading in celebration of the great Sean Bonney at the Black Dove, Brighton, 28 November 2019. The frankly garish book in my hand is the first publication in which we appeared together, back in 1994.