The first three sections of the book upon which I’m currently working are included, alongside some quite breathtaking material, in SNOW lit rev 7: details of the publication, & of previous issues, can be found here.


Here is the text of my talk on the opening section of Bill Griffiths’ “A Hymn of the Boy Jesus and his Sister Ayesha”, given as part of “What I Want to Set is Language”: a Close-Reading Workshop on Bill Griffiths, held at Birkbeck, University of London, on 14 December 2018.


Photograph by David Dellafiora.

The most recent Journal of Field Study International is now in circulation. It contains what is planned to be the final text for The Memory of the Drift.


A reading version of the text of my proposed emblem book has now been published online at 3:AM Magazine.


Photograph by Rich Cutler

The second part of my River Fleet text is now available to read online at 3:AM Magazine, accompanied with a selection of photographs by Rich Cutler.


I’m very happy to announce that Tara Morgana is now available in Kindle format: here’s a screenshot of the ebook on my tablet, where it looks as beautiful as you would expect of any publication from Scarlet Imprint.