On the Ecteiroglyphs of the Lorwolm: originally published in Geometer, subsequently updated, but left as a rather sprawling draft.

A review of The Tarot of the Holy Light, written for Mandrake Speaks, but also published here, together with Christine Payne-Towler’s response.

A review of Lady Maisery’s Cycle: an earlier blog post about the band, and a more formal review of Coven, their collaboration with Grace Petrie & O’Hooley & Tidow, can be read here.

My talk on the opening section of Bill Griffiths’ “A Hymn of the Boy Jesus and his Sister Ayesha”, given as part of “What I Want to Set is Language”: a Close-Reading Workshop on Bill Griffiths, held at Birkbeck, University of London, on 14 December 2018.



Peter Philpott on The Memory of the Drift.

Richard Marshall on The Memory of the Drift I-IV & on Tara Morgana.