Tara Morgana

Tara Morgana is available from Scarlet Imprint both in its standard hardback edition and as a Bibliothèque Rouge paperback: the fine edition is sold out.

It can also be purchased in Kindle format.

The launch party was held at Treadwell’s on Friday 27 June 2014. Photographic evidence can be found elsewhere on this site.

Richard Marshall’s immense, detailed and generous review of the book is now online at 3:AM Magazine.

Niki Whiting writes about being baffled, irked and engaged by it at Gods and Radicals.

The inevitable printer’s devil slipped a few typos into the hardback editions: these have been fixed in the paperback reprint.

A longer edit of one of the texts from “In a Dead Tone” which, in retrospect, I prefer to the published version, can be read here.

The real Daisy (dark) and Mollie (blonde) can be seen in this clipping from a local newspaper of 1948.

Scarlet Imprint also included my writing in their anthologies Datura and Mandragora.


The Memory of the Drift

The first four books of The Memory of the Drift are available in paperback from Shearsman.


+ Online

Great Works, a magnificent poetry site which generously hosted much of my writing through the 2000s.

Drafts from the final book of The Memory of the Drift can be read in this Festschrift for Tony Frazer.

Sorry, I know I’ve already mentioned it elsewhere on this site, but both parts of my River Fleet text can be read in 3:AM MagazinePart I; Part II – along with a reading version of my emblem project.